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Old 03-06-2013, 04:03 AM
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Here is what our club did, a 900 member gunclub in NE PA with a range that includes 25,50, 100, and 200 yd backstops. As Rangemaster, I had had enough of people shooting the posts and wood cross members. Also holes in the roof above the benches (i.e opps, I thought the gun was empty). We had people from NJ set up tents on week-ends and do their run, roll, and shoot like those reality shows. I simply tightened up the range rules.....most important was No Rapid Fire...single shot only- one cartridge in the rifle at a time. Also, all shooting must be done from the benches. (We used to get people shooting across the driveway and parking lot in order to do longer shots) About the same time 6 surveillence cameras were added around the club, including one in the rafters of the shooting bench pavilion. No more problems, a few semi-auto shooters dropped out, BUT SAFETY is PRIORITY #1. If some auto shooter would have stepped-up and volunteered to help with the added range maintenance, the club officers would have allowed it to continue.....but none were to be found....they didn't even come to meetings.
Apparently, shooting an AR or UZI single shot takes the fun away for some.
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