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Old 05-27-2017, 07:16 AM
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Default 5,6mm old bullets,

I have some old German 5,6mm bullets and found that they are right at 71.4 grains. They are designed for roe deer, and had a good loyal following if my memory isn't too fuzzy.

Any idea on the old .227 bullets? They actually mic in at 0.2265"

I think they ran me 27 marks for 100 ct. back in 97. Just curious to see if I could use them up. Sizied them down by just turning them through a high speed drill at about 8500rpm. It was really surprisingly easy to take off 0.0025".

I checked the resized ones against the 70gr Speer SP, until they all were the same diameter and gave identical resistance when seating.

Using the 70gr Speer data, I ended up with some unfired Speer loads using H322 for my short TC barrel. I used to shoot it with a load of 19gr. of H322 and never chronographed them as I didn't care to, and didn't have a chrono way back when.


Yesterday I took a range trip and chronograph the 70gr Speer over 20.1 gr H322 with a CCIBR4 primer seated off the lands with plenty of space for run-up into the lands this load is too hot to do more than once. Velocity was 2395 from my 16.25" barrel

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5.6mm, questions for resizing, sizing

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