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Old 05-04-2023, 02:58 AM
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Wonder if ultrasonic would break it loose? Yank the barrel.
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Old 05-07-2023, 06:01 PM
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I thought I'd add my $.02 worth to the thread. I think DAA is right on the money! I just got back a week ago from a two week "Sage Rat" shoot with Ray H (his annual shoot).

Ray shot his normal amount (a LOT...Lol!)...but I'm not quite that mad at them!

I just started cleaning my (2) .20 Minks, but had been lax in cleaning out in the field. Bascially ran a few patches through. Over 2,000-2500 rds of .20 Mink which normally holds up well in the GS fields.

I tried CR-10, Sweets, Butch's, and Bore Tech Carbon remover. NOTHING worked as well as JB bore paste and a lot of arm movement...Lol! 75-80 strokes with a nylon brush and a white patch worked best. Bores came out nice and clean (verified by borescope)! This was my experience. Hope this might help someone??


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