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Old 09-22-2023, 05:13 PM
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Default Starting the 22 Grendel Howa build!

Have the Howa Mini with PPC bolt face action in hand. Preferred Barrels will be making up a pre-fit 27" heavy varmint (.900 muzzle) chambered with their 22 Grendel reamer. Will keep the factory trigger for now. Thinking about scopes now, hoping to keep cost in the $400-500 range so looking at 5-30 Sightmark or 8-34 Athlon, but open to others.

Started work on the stock, planed a 2 1/2" thick blank of quarter sawn hard maple, then cut out the profile. Shape incorporates elements of tracker stocks, in that the forend and heel are parallel to each other. Will keep the forend flat bottom and full width for bench use. Grip and butt area shaped (for looks) like the wood stocked target rifles of the 60s and 70s, because I think they're so much nicer looking than modern target or tactical stocks.

Got brass, dies, and other reloading stuff coming as well. Getting excited to see stuff come together!

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Old 09-23-2023, 12:14 AM
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Keep us posted with information and photos as it progresses. Enjoy your process.
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