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Old 05-06-2010, 01:46 PM
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It appears that some people get into handloading without taking any time to learn at least a little of the physics at work when the primer ignites the powder charge and how every little change in components can affect the pressure spike to dangerous levels. Some are just stufing powder into cases without any knowledge of how it works at all. Sub calibers have tiny cases and pressure builds fast because there is no large powder charge to burn through and little room in the case for the pressure to expand into. Just one almost instant burn and pressure spike. The tiny bore doesn't allow that pressure to expand much as the tiny bullet moves down the miniscule bore as does a larger caliber. The desire for extreme velocity in hand loading sub calibers without a constant watch for even the slighest pressure sign is a disaster waiting happen. Velocity is fun but a gain of 200FPS really does damn little for hunting varmints or anything else. The difference in gained PBR is little. It is more for bragging than anything usefull. Definelty not worth blowing half your face off.
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