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Right on Larry!
I've told it so many times it's boring I know. but, with the NEF .17 VR I had help putting together some years back. I have a bullet trap in the shop to catch things I want to throw at it, regardless of how big they are!
Re: 300gr .375H&H a few times.

Anyway, I loaded and fired the same case ten times with 10.0gr H110, then decided to find max for the rifle. Upped it .1 shot once or twice fine, same case now. One more .1gr and blew the damned thing up! Lucky I didn't eat some of the brass, primer pocket was at least 1/4", blew action open, broke the firing pin and the ?? L shaped piece in half, trigger guard is plastic and it was shattered, had maybe a dozen or so tiny specs of blood on my hand was all the damage done to me. You bet I felt mighty lucky that day.

Knowing they'd never return the reamed out barrel, I put another stock barrel on the action and sent it back for repairs and bought some extra parts. Believe it cost around $35-40 to fix, but, they missed finding the firing pin, I had to call and get a couple more and put one in later. Gun is fine now, you'd never know it happened. Now I NEVER exceed 10.0gr, but, I use 1680 9.5gr and am happy with that. Tiny cases don't take much excess.

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