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Old 09-21-2016, 05:39 AM
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Glad this thread has come back to life.
Whole lot of great advice and info within it.

I showed a recently made friend Bob's VR and a shell., then loaned him the SCN with the gun in and on the cover. "oh man, I've gotta have one of these!"
Next thing I heard was he'd bought a TC and was having a reamer made to cut the chamber at home. He don't seem to listen very well. I've told him many times to get on here and study this stuff before he gets into trouble.
I even let him copy Bob's load data I printed off years ago. Offered to loan him both the rifles I have chambered alike now and ammo to burn up too. "nah, will build my own and learn from there". The mans 52 and won't take experienced advice. Scares the hell out of me.

An old Late coyote hunting friend gave me his ammo, n loading supplies, dies, hunting boots and such other things as he'd had health problems and given it up. He had a long running foreman's job at the steel mill and could afford a dozen Dillon 1050's. But no, he made up a ? press with a couple metal straps, two pcs of 2x4 and stacked nickles to change seating depth. OF course, he never owned a scale of any kind, "don't need one, I use Lee's dippers".

I pulled a few of his 357 loads and weighed the charges. They varied over 5 grains! Same powder too. Once I discovered that, every load he'd given me was pulled down and dumped, started over fresh.

I've done about everything that could be done wrong with a gun and never blew one up until that NEF .17x28 with just .2gr increase. That was my first experience with the small cases. I got lucky once more that time.
Sometimes we do, others don't.

Another thing I haven't seen posted here. Just because a rifle had digested 1000 rounds of one hot load, don't mean the stress point hasn't been reached and the next shot with the same load or batch of loads might blow things up. When I first hurt my back. The doc said: "backs are like a beer can you bend in half. Sooner or later somethings going to break".
Think about this folks.

"Gun Control is NOT about guns,
it's about CONTROL!!"

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