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Old 10-04-2022, 05:10 PM
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Not saying you both should leave but keep your posts to the format this great site was started for. I personally would prefer the petty, mindless BS stop.
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Old 10-04-2022, 05:29 PM
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This ^^^^^^^^
Everyone should be allowed to post on what this site was founded on with out any personal attacks! I enjoy what others do in the firearms fields and find it interesting.

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Old 10-05-2022, 01:29 AM
hemiallen hemiallen is online now
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Replying to your naming my Oregon friend Rick.

My recollection is Rick started one of his great threads, with images of his world famous shooting benches that he designed, fabricated and sold . I believe Rick had a standard and ultralight model. Rick Patented his bench, and after a very successful business venture, including advertising in a few shooting magazines that I know of, and before we met unfortunately, I believe Rick sold his patent and remaining benches before I could acquire one. Heck, back then I didn't know I needed one !

I recall, but it seems to have been deleted, that you chimed in early in the thread before I actually opened and read it. I recall you dropping that you are an engineer, and that you implied you have built a rotating ( maybe I am incorrect on that point, but I recalled you saying yours was rotating) bench with superior engineering. You stated you had a commitment and couldn't get to your bench and take pictures as you had something like a relay race to attend, but soon after you would go to where they are, take and post images and include some form of build instructions so we could also build our own.

You went so far as to mention you went mid west ( ?) to some shoot, where dignitaries had what you surmised was similar to Rick's swivel benches, but that your recollection was they were either Rick's, or the company that sold Rick's ( modified) designed benches, and they worked good.

I hate to go by recollection, but I believe several members here recall basically what I recall, and have implied such in their requests that you follow through on your statement to share your bench. I really wished I had quoted what you said for posterity, but I didn't and I can't find what you wrote. I do know that you mentioned you are an engineer, as stating it in Rick's thread, and the implication my mind remembers was of a jerk . I worked with Engineers, and I know many are fine people, but a handful I have worked with were prima donna's and your words made me think you're probably in that group of blowhards that post tons of crapola to inflate your ego. You have proven my first impressions are correct.

Yes, I am opening myself up for fine folks to believe we should just let this die and me replying is a bad mark for myself, but when you attack a good outstanding member here like you have I would risk loosing the respect of others here and being banished by a moderator to call you out for the, in my opinion, deceit and attacking a friend . I apologize for not manning up sooner, but enough is enough after reading more of your attacks. You would be wise, as maybe I should also, to quit replying.

JD, I have spent about 20 minutes searching your posts on another website, and you carry your lack of respect and vile words from the other website you probably were banned from. I am no saint on past posting on other websites that allow banter and language unbecoming for this website, but you have crossed the line in attacking Rick and other friends here.

I have said my peace, stand by my views, and will accept what may come.

I will try to not reply to your probable correction reply, as what I wrote is all that I recall from my reading the missing ( deleted) postings on Rick's thread. The disrespect in posting on his thread was the start, and continual attacking others and little replies like " someone asked you guys to knock it off" shows me you wined to maybe a moderator, or have a friend that should have suggesting you "knock it off" , which IMHO is the more appropriate suggestion.

Let's try and be civil, and stop attacking others. If you feel this is an attack vs my attempt at a reset request, I apologize to those that feel I am in attack mode. I am angry, angry that this has continued this far. Friendship is part of the Saubier experience, and of all the years I have participated, this has the feel to me that several fine members will, or have, walked away and that is sad.

Flame suit on. I am old enough to stand up, or leave myself. Piece to my remaining friends.

I am going to launch Skippy tomorrow at the Calf ranch, take a breath and enjoy life.

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Old 10-05-2022, 05:15 PM
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I recall, but it seems to have been deleted, that you chimed in early in the thread before I actually opened and read it. I recall you dropping that you are an engineer, and that you implied you have built a rotating ( maybe I am incorrect on that point, but I recalled you saying yours was rotating) bench with superior engineering. You stated you had a commitment and couldn't get to your bench and take pictures as you had something like a relay race to attend, but soon after you would go to where they are, take and post images and include some form of build instructions so we could also build our own.

Yes, you are wrong about me ever claiming to have designed or built a rotating or swiveling bench. I did say that I would post photos and materials list once I had the ability to post photos and images again. I took a few photos, but have not made any effort to overcome the lack of being able to post photos or images.

Here is what I posted:

Love your rest.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I built my own portable shooting benches because I had to. I wanted rock solid, three legs infinitely adjustable from child sitting to me standing, and by God that’s what I’ve got three and a half of. When we shot more 600 yard chucks they were the real deal. I can set them up with one or two legs almost two feet down in a ditch and level the top up if I need to. I have one more top than I have leg sets right now. I’ve got a lefty that needed accommodated.

Here is what I had to say about Rick's bench:

I’ve seen one of those benches once, or one that was very close to it, we were very impressed by it. IIRC we saw it in Montana. I’ve seen a bunch of lesser examples of the same basic design that didn’t impress me as usable. The one that I recall was the same as that one was a superior piece of equipment.

Referring to the Caldwell Stable Table: I have a friend who has one that I think was made by Caldwell. It is not stable enough for 500 yard shooting. It works fine for shooting out to a couple hundred yards though.

Back to Rick's original design:

I have absolutely no doubt the one I saw in use is more than stable enough for shooting 500 yard prairie dogs. I was invited to try it and shot off it and, like I said, we came away very impressed. I am fairly certain it was one of the ones you have pictured in the back of the pickup.

The Caldwell one that I have personally shot off left a lot to be desired when it came to giving a person a rock solid base to shoot off. Like I said, for a couple hundred yards it was fine, but for shooting way out it just wasn’t up to the task at hand. They were about as good as what I had built at that time and I wanted something more.


??Premium Bench Rest Pivot?? Never heard of that.

OK, so I was completely unaware that Caldwell made anything other than the plastic table one. I looked it up and that may be what I saw and got to shoot off of in Montana. It may have been one of your originals. Which ever it was it worked very well. I am pretty sure it had tubular steel and not aluminum legs, I think I would have remembered that.


The Stable Table was the only Caldwell pivoting shooting table I was familiar with. I had no idea they made anything even close to their Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench. The Stable Table is not at all in the same league as what we saw in Montana. I can’t be certain, but what we saw was more likely than not purchased from you. I am an engineer and have a particular interest in structures, although that is not my field, and am certain that had I seen the legs on the lightweight version I would have remembered the alloy truss legs. Actually, I’m sure they told us that the table we saw was made from Aluminum, so it had to be one of yours.

I am careful to not criticize things that other people are getting enjoyment from in their presence, but I wouldn’t take a Caldwell Stable Table if one were offered to me free of charge. That being said, I’ve seen whole groups having the time of their lives shooting sage rats off them and have run into more than a few groups in Roundup or Malta who had them and thought the world of them. I wouldn’t have any problem handing Midway $529 for one Caldwell has built under the patent they secured from you. If you ask me that is a very reasonable price for that unit. At that price unless a guy welded up the brackets himself and had a hell of a lot of free time to kill, it is a bargain.

I love to see other people having fun and the people I’ve seen with the Caldwell Stable Tables certainly were having fun and they thought the world of them. There is nothing to be gained by shit talking something they really liked when they offered to let us try them or suggested that we get a couple of them. My buddy and will set up all three of my tables on a dog town in order to cover something like a 90 degree angle. Frequently we shoot at greater angles using only the front rest, on the ground sitting or prone from Harris Bipods or off the hood of the truck. They were trying to help us. To be sure, the Caldwell Stable Tables were adding to their enjoyment and they wanted to share that with us.

Fact is, now that I am aware it is available, I’m probably going to buy a Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench. We talked about getting one of the benches we had seen in a Montana on the trip home, but never followed up on that conversation.

I’ll get some photos of my stools and benches, and will post the materials list and tips on building them in a couple weeks.

Next weekend we will be watching Indian Relay Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The following weekend, I’m going to central Washington to do some chuck shooting come hell or high water.


I haven't done anything to overcome the lack of ability to post photos or images, it has not been a priority for me.

As for B23, he showed up here with this comment under a post I had about the my Model 43 Winchesters: Different forum, same legendary fish stories.

Look, I dealt with him and his like minded trolls stalking me online and challenging anything and everything I posted in ~2016-2017 and basically being disruptive.

I hoped that this was not an indication of where things were headed, but the best indicator of future events is what has happened in the past.

The guy's own words make it obvious, given his next moves, that he came to bait and harass me.

As for me not having made posting photos a priority, it wasn't and it isn't. I have gone back back repeatedly set the record straight that I have never claimed to have designed, improved or built any swiveling or rotating shooting bench and also and said that I still do not have the ability to post photos and images, but would do something about that as soon as possible. At this point I don't care if I ever follow up and not post photos, parts list and hints on building benches similar to what I designed and built.

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