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Old 12-05-2017, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by dungheap View Post
That's the question -- just where are you going, and why? I'd agree that TB is the way to go. Have you tried using a scoop for measuring and drop it from about 4 - 5 inches into the cases? That worked pretty well for me in the .17 AH case.

Then again, having no clue as to "where you're going," that may or may not be the answer. Kinda like trying to load a .300 Weatherby Mag down to 30-30 velocities -- you may have your hands full.

Jus' sayin'
I shoot mainly at night with a moderator and a Starlight Archer tubed night vision add on and I shoot rabbits. I don't have a problem getting within around 120yds. Not interested in blowing animals up at 300yds. I only head shoot to preserve the meat (I have five dogs) A full 17 hornet load is utterly devastating, I will always remember one rabbit with no head at all, just one ear and two stringy bits with eyeballs on the ends. So I'd like to get to a quiet , accurate load out to maybe 120yds and I don't want an HMR and I do carry full loads because the farmer wants me to shoot the foxes.

I suspect you use a funnel that sits outside the case neck. Mine goes inside the neck so a smaller diameter. I don't have trouble getting it in but I weigh every load and have to go slower than i would for other powders. This funnel is metal and works flawlessly for 1.99 on with no powder ever sticking to the inside of the neck.



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Old 12-05-2017, 06:03 PM
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You found trailboss, it works, it is accurate in your rifle. Many others here swear by it. A Hornady 25gr HP from my 17vha is fully effective between 1700 to 2450fps and particularly non destructive but very effective in the 1700 to 1900fps range as the bullet seems to yaw a bit sideways after an inch on soft tissue. Watch out for down range ricochets though it will always pass through on anything smaller than a hog.
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Old 12-07-2017, 08:13 PM
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I'm loading 2.8 gr of Trail boss with the NOE 32gr cast pb. I get 1557 fps AVG VEL using a magneto speed. The 2.8 gr load is grouping very well at 50 yards.

I am trying to work out a 100 yard cast load. So far the increases in Trail Boss in my loads are being very predictable. I am weighing each load (cheating with a charge master).

I am using a Franklin Arsenal .17 cal funnel which is an external design and allows a full .17 diameter flow area. Makes life easy.

v/r rch
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