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Old 11-25-2019, 12:49 AM
Kylongrifle Kylongrifle is offline
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Default Wtt for 17 Squirrel or 17 Ackley Bee contender barrel.

Looking for a 17 Squirrel and or a 17 Ackley Bee Contender barrel. I have $400 in dies just sitting not being used. Was going to try and move some of my lesser shot barrels to fund new barrels but thought I'd see if anyone might have one there not using and would like to work a trade. This would also help me avoid the build waiting time

Barrels I have for trade.

14" 357 maximum T/C blued- Hornady dies- 50 pcs fired brass

14" 7 mm TCU Magna ported T/C blued- RCBS dies - 100 pcs fired brass

14" 32-20 ( .308 bore) MGM blued with muzzle brake- Redding 30-20 dies- 100 pcs fired brass.

16" carbine 17 Hornady Hornet factory 17 HMR rechambered by MGM- Hornady dies- 50 pcs fired brass

10" 30 Herrett T/C blued - Hornady dies - 80 pcs fired brass

All barrels have frame marks from normal use. PM for pics as I can not post them.

Thanks Mike
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Old 11-25-2019, 07:29 PM
dtalbot dtalbot is offline
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Default .17 Ackley Bee

I have a new, unfired 11" high luster blued barrel.
This is one of the longer octagon barrels that was a special offering for the TCA (Thompson Center Association). This is a scope only barrel, no provision for sights. I have a forend for it, as well.
Not looking for any Contender barrel trades as I've sold off most of my Contenders. If there is some interest in this, please PM contact info for pics.
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Old 11-25-2019, 07:43 PM
villagelightsmith villagelightsmith is offline
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PM Sent re: 17 Hornet trade
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