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Old 11-16-2019, 04:45 PM
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Default 20 VT non lead bullet load data

I thought I might share some interesting information regarding loads for non lead bullets in my 20 VT. It has a 1:9 twist Douglas barrel with a BAT action. Bullets used were the Hornady 24gr NTX, the Barnes 26 gr LF Varmint Grenade, and the Nosler 32 gr Ballistic Tip LF. AA2200 was used exclusively, and bullets were seated approx .010 off the lands. Powder measurements used were minimum to max recommendations; 4 loads for each bullet. I used a chrono only to get some idea of the fps for each load, as another indication of an overcharge since I've never experienced bolt lift or primer issues with any of my loads. My primary goal is accuracy; not fps. The results were surprising. I expected the Nosler Ballistic Tip to win the contest and be my go to load, but it grouped the worst of the 3 at about 1.25" / 100yd. This is contrary to what I've read on this site and perhaps will play with OAL to see if I can improve the accuracy as I really would like a heavier bullet for windy conditions. The Barnes Varmint Grenade came in second with a 4 shot group I could cover with a penny. The best load consisted of 19.6 gr of AA 2200, resulting in 3766 fps ave, with an ES of 22 ft/s and SD of 11 ft/s. The best of the three was the Hornady 24gr NTX. A dime could cover this 4 shot group. The best load consisted of 21 gr of AA2200, ave 4149 fps ave, with an ES of 77 and SD of 32. 20gr of AA 2200 with this bullet grouped about the same with a 3960 fps ave, an ES at 24 ft/s and SD of 11ft/s. I think I'll settle on the 20 gr load as my go to round for this rifle. Any thoughts? Any ideas how I can make the Nosler bullet perform better?
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