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Old 05-26-2017, 10:05 PM
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Default Heavier than standard 70+ gr in .223

Anyone have a favorite 70+ grain .223 Rem. / 5.45x45mm load?

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Old 05-27-2017, 01:45 AM
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For my AR15 service rifle I load 25.0gr Varget or 24.0gr RE15 under 75gr Hornady HPBT Moly in a LC case with Wolf SRM primers, loaded to mag length. These are upper end, your mileage may vary, but both are pretty well accepted loads for the service rifle. Start a couple grains lower and work up. Lots of published data out there.
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Old 05-27-2017, 07:14 AM
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Default Published loads

Thank you, the published loads don't always match individual pet loads, with of course a few exceptions, especially if we are looking at service cartridges.

Update, I believe my current lot of H322 is somewhat hotter than my prior lot. I don't like it even for 52gr Sierra HPBT. perhaps it is better suited to 40 grain weights. 23.2gr H322 sent some of the 52 grainers over the chronograph at 2888fps from my 16.25" TC barrel, EEEKS!

H322 TOO HOT at 20.0 grains gave 2395fps with the 70gr Speer SP.

According to Hodgdon here is what I should get with a much longer 24" barrel. These aren't my results to be clear.

BULLET WEIGHT 53GR. SIE HP Manufacturer Hodgdon Powder H322 Bullet Diameter.224" C.O.L.2.200"

Starting Load
Grains 21.5 Velocity (ft/s)2,912 Pressure 39,200 CUP

Maximum Load
Grains 23.5 Velocity (ft/s)3,183 Pressure 48,900 CUP

Manufacturer Hodgdon Powder H322
Bullet Diameter .224" C.O.L.2.140"

Starting Load
Grains19.0 Velocity (ft/s) 2,515 Pressure 37,500 CUP

Maximum Load
Grains 23.0 Velocity (ft/s) 2,962 Pressure 51,200 CUP



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.223, 5.56, 70gr., heavier, load favorites

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