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Old 03-24-2011, 07:08 PM
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It's a sad thing. Blaine was one of the real good guys, actually one of the best people I ever knew. He did the concrete in my shop about 20yrs ago and we became good friends. A shooter who was always experimenting with stuff and really knew guns. I always thought Blaine could've been Jeremiah Johnson or Daniel Boone incarnate. He had the same spirit.....he explored wilderness. That youtube clip of "taliban being shot by snipers" but was actually pirated from a DAA video? was Blaine who found the place and told myself and Dave about it. Concrete work in Utah slows way down every winter. Blaine's greatest happiness was being out in some desolate remote part of Nevada nowhere during winter, with snow everywhere, living in a tent and shooting coyotes for a week. He'd tell me I had to try this, come on out, you'll love it.......I'd tell him he was nuts. A great guy, sorry he's gone.

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