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Old 04-26-2022, 10:03 AM
farmer44 farmer44 is offline
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Default 17 squirrel with 17 Cal .172 15.5 gr NTX

Has anyone used this combination and any idea on a good load also what speed can I expect?
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Old 04-27-2022, 03:01 PM
17tbs 17tbs is offline
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Cool Reading your this:

Search for the article on the 17squirrel cartridge here on the site. In it you will find more information than necessary.
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The short answer is that this is a good match for the cartridge & you can probably reach 3650fps* (edit from earlier), using the appropriate powders mentioned in the article, (dependent on your barrel length).

Your 38 Cooper probably can maxamize the potential of this cartride.

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Old 04-27-2022, 03:19 PM
20VarTarg 20VarTarg is offline
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Although that article is good for certain aspects of the cartridge there are some items in that article that I found totally wrong. When I decided to dive into the Squirrel and the Mink I got ahold of Kevin Harrington. He is basically an encyclopedia full of knowledge regarding both the Squirrel and Mink Cartridges. I would definitely look into getting ahold of Kevin regarding a good starting load for that bullet. I shoot 20 vmax bullets out of my 17 Squirrel but it shoots so darn good I never tried anything else. Good Luck, and if you ever decide to part ways with that rifle please put me at the top of your list.
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Old 05-13-2022, 01:10 AM
Kylongrifle Kylongrifle is offline
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I had MGM build me a 13 inch Contender barrel in 17 Squirrel with the 15.5 gr NTX in mind at the time. The 15.5 gr NTX with 8.2 grains of Win 296 is very devastating on starlings and pigeons. Use it out to 100 yards for small lot groundhog hunting with good results also.
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