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Default 17cal from 22 cases.

Hi Squirrel Slayer,
This is a bit of a novel but here goes....
When it comes to the 17cal from 22RF cases, there is a lot of work to make a viable jacket. You have to trim them right down to be useable.
I have a couple of methods to get the correct length of jacket. The first one is to cut the LR case shorter in a small cut off saw using a small jig that I built and it indexes off the rim. This will get it close to desired length but be a little rough and not perfectly square. I make my projectiles in batches of 1100. This step takes about 2 seconds each. The case is then derimmed as per normal. Cases are then annealed at 500 deg C for 30 minutes in a small kiln. This is not so hot as to make them red but to just change colour to a silver. The cases are annealed enough to be squashed by fingers but not dead soft either. Kiln is pre heated, tray of jackets inserted, kiln gets back to temp and then the clock starts.
Cases are then drawn down in a .170" D Corbin draw die and then trimmed in a collet setup that I built. It is a Forster bullet puller inverted with the face machined off so the collet is flush with its mounting. This mounting is bolted to the table of a drill press and the final trim to length is done with a end mill. It sounds cumbersome and it is to a degree but it is solid, reliable, repeatable, square and infinitely variable to make what ever length jacket you want. It is good for .002". This final trim takes about 5 seconds. Jackets are then tumbled in SS pins....note. Make sure the pins are of the correct diameter or they will fill those little 17 cases up and you will never get them out... Been there, done it!
Second method is to get a draw / trim die. I now run a D Corbin ET-1 which is NOT a push through style but has a ejection pin on top which pushes the jacket back out the bottom of the jacket after the trim. The idea is to hit this ejection pin with a mallet. That process is not much fun at all and very slow. ( Not my idea, Dave sold it to me like this. He said the push through was problematic and this would be better). To counter this I built an ejection arm that mounts to my press and pushes down on the ejection pin when the press handle is raised. The press is a D Corbin CSP1, which has 2 positions for the handle. This ejection system mounts in this spare hole. Still takes about 5 seconds to make the jacket but there is no initial cutting of the case, no stand alone draw step or trim step and is a lot less manual handling.
Only draw back is that it makes only one length jacket per punch length. I got Dave to build two punches for the die so that I only needed to change punches to to get a different jacket length. Punches are pretty cheap and I could not build them for the price he charges. Jackets come out of the die ready for core seating.
I have not included the cleaning or lube processes as most have their own methods and qty and when they do it. If you start a 17cal from 22 LR case thread I will happily chime in.
My projectiles have been tested in a 17-222 at 4300+ Everything has made it to the target so far. Mine are just FBOT projectiles. Smallest is 17gn and heaviest is a 25gn...but any weight is possible.

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