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Originally Posted by csterner View Post
Just picked up an older Rem 700ML at the shop. Some guy came in and gave it to us with a Leupy 3-9. Just wanted rid of it. Piece of junk he said. Well ANY mz gun will instantaneously turn into a POS if you don't CLEAN IT. F-king thing is rusted, corroded beyond belief. Bore actually looks good. He rounded off the breech plug. Its stuck. Guess he never heard of cleaning and anti-sieze. It has the 209 nipple, but it's corroded badly. I found replacement parts for under $60 IF I can get the dang plug out and the bolt apart to change springs. Might give Doc Ed a call. Might just get a Rem pre-fit and go semi custom Fun winter project.
I've built quite a few custom 45 and 50 caliber muzzleloaders on these Rem's. For the 50's I use Green Mountain stainless 1-28tw barrels and thread them for the Arrowhead Sports breech plug along with the bolt nose conversion kit. I fit the barrel and contour to same profile as the factory. With these I load AA5744 powder (up to 46gr and 250gr bullets) and sabots for 2200ish fps. They shoot very well and are a bit less trouble/easier than the full-form bullets with the 45 cal barrels. If you want a replacement barrel, I have a several sitting in a bucket in the shop, some new unfired in both 50 and 54 caliber.
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