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Default cant believe everything..

Originally Posted by csterner View Post
Unfortunately, crossbows in general are a pain in the @ss for servicing. They wear strings constantly and are not designed to be used heavily. Sight them in and don't practice with them. They have a "limited shelf life" and I don't care what brand they are. We have way more issues with crossbows than vertical bows. We have a bunch in inventory...and no more parts to service them, so the "deals" you are getting are not that great if we can't stand behind them.
ive been using crossbows since oh 2001. They actually are fun. However you need to get a quality crossbow. Tenpoint made crossbows are wonderful. I have one I bought in 2015 and its still factory original EVERYTHING. and I USE it hard. Ive probably shot it 800 times in its life time. And no issues with it at all. I have THOUGHT about sending it in for a factory look over.

MOST of the crossbows you find these days actually are junk. High speed and plastic doesn't do well at all when you are in sub zero weather.

But however in reality, if parker bows don't keep the customer happy they aren't going to sell many. and if they cant sell many, they don't keep in business.
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