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Default Well, O.K.

I was never a "good" hippie. Not anti war (Uncle jumped in to the Battle of the Bulge and survived to 96... while his brother, my father, sat on an island in the Pacific with the war somewhere else...); not pro drugs; but always pro earth. At minimum for mother earth, weigh the stuff and take it to a scrapper. As I said, copper and any "ferrous" (iron based like steel or cast iron) metals are bringing in a lot more money than they used to. Post a note at the local gun club. But rule out "in the trash" as totally irresponsible. Knew a gunsmith who told me he used to take 98 mauser stocks and barrels and put them in the trash... I almost cried. THANK YOU. As suggested, weigh it, put it all in one big box, figure shipping, and set that as a price. You will have numerous offers.
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