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Originally Posted by Iowa Fox View Post
I have some 358429 that I cast in a large batch almost 40 years ago. I boxed them well to keep the air away from them unsized. Today what is left of them is still bright and shinny as the day cast, I size and lube what I need just before loading and shooting them. I keep checking them with my hardness tester and they have lost hardness but still shoot fine with no leading. Before you cast a bunch you might want to cast just a few to make sure the mold is dropping what you want. When I cast the 452460 for the 1911's in the family I'll try to do a 2 or 3 year supply if I have time, the 1911's are bullet hogs. Again I only size and lube just before loading and shooting. Old lube in the lube grooves over time can cause problems or degrade accuracy. Besides it doesn't take long to run a bunch thru the Star.
Lyman 452460 a very good mold for .45's I cast up about 3600 of them last fall. I need to get my pot back into production.
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A lot of GOOD information on everything to do with casting at this link:

I have at least one mold for each caliber I shoot.

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