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Old 07-11-2019, 05:55 PM
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THAT CARTRIDGE LOOKS LIKE A WINNER! What barrel length are you using it in?
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Old 07-11-2019, 08:03 PM
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Well I didn't get drawn for deer after all. But I made a 14" barrel for my first barrel. Guess I will have plenty of time to play with it and do bullet testing.

I still need to profile in the gas block seat and thread it.

I'm going to build it into a Mini RECCE style upper and probably only shoot it suppressed.

I have another 25" blank tucked away that I would like to build a Howa Mini with with DBM and bullets seated much further out so useable case capacity is greater.

It should do well at distance for such a small package.
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Old 06-17-2020, 07:42 PM
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I see this discussion was a long time ago but I had a similar decision to make around 10 years ago. Back then we had a January rifle season for antlerless deer. I used a TCR-87 with a slow twist 29-inch 6MM-06 barrel with 70-grain Nosler Ballistic Tips at almost 4,000 fps for "close range" deer and a heavy barrel .338-.378 Weatherby for "long range" deer. I was concerned about rickochets from the .338-.378 so wanted bullets which would come apart except for the long shots which I would pass up if there were a farm place within a mile behind it. With the 70-grain bullets I shot quite a few deer (possibly 30) and at 200 to 300 yards they generally ran 50 yards or so before going down but I hit one deer with it which ran off. So then I got a fast 26-inch fast-twist barrel made for it, again in 6MM-06 and worked up a load for 105-grain Berger VLD bullets at just short of 3,300 fps. With this load, between a grandson and myself we probably shot over 20 deer. Of course these were does, not bucks, but they would take a couple steps and fall over, even at 400+ yards. My grandson got one at 456 yards (measured with a laser rangefinder). There was only a problem with one deer which was a smaller doe at probably less than 200 yards. It was quartering towards us and my grandson hit it in the point of the shoulder. The bullet blew up and did not even penetrate into the rib cage. It took a couple more shots to get it down. That bullet is very fragile and if I were shooting a big buck with it, I would only shoot at the lung area rather than expect it to penetrate through a shoulder.
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