.17 Jet Project

Several things got me interested in the .17 Jet but mainly the .17 Caliber load manual from Dick Saunders. Dick developed the .17 Jet or .17-32 Jet as he calls it in his manual. He actually experimented with a couple of versions of this case, but settled on the one that it is currently chambered for by Bullberry (and others) and is referred to as just the .17 Jet. The RCBS die set that I have has the caliber listed as .17 Super Jet.

This project is well under way and I hope to have it submitted for print in Small Caliber News by the Fall of this year (2001). I have included a picture of the rifle, which is on a contender frame that has had the trigger pull weight reduced to just over a pound. The barrel was made my Bullberry and is 21" in length, no taper (bull), and gloss blue finish. The stock set was also made by Bullberry actually Woodsmith but I consider them the same. The finish on the stock set is the durable epoxy finish and it is a gloss finish. The wood is a lighter color, lightly figured walnut. The stock has a high comb for use with the scope and a pronounced palm swell. The scope that I chose for this gun is a Sightron 4-16 power scope with target knobs and an adjustable objective.

I have formed 250 brass for this gun and am excited about what it has to offer. I have been told that it will safety push 25 grain bullets at 4000+ fps with a very modest amount of powder. I hope to find out soon and I plan on sharing my result with you then. If you want to see what the case looks like, there is a picture of it in my Small Caliber Cases Wanted page. If you would like to read more about this, you will need to wait until it comes out in Small Caliber News. If you have specific questions on this cartridge, feel free to e-mail me.