Blaine Eddy’s fur season update.

............Season of 03-04 Nov-Feb.........

Caption that was written on the back of the photo reads: 130 shown. This is about 2/3’s of the fur that Rick and I harvested this season. – Blaine.

Upon hearing of the positive projected Fur prices prior to the Season, i was intensely looking forward to another season of predator hunting, the month of November produced 65 Coyotes, taken mostly with the .17DT(.100"short.17PPC). The month of December produced another 25 Coyotes and January another 14. The numbers steadily declined as mid Winter arrived, the deep snow made it virtually impossible for me to access the high country where i favor hunting the most. For the second season the .17DT performed excellent, no animals were lost and only a small percentage suffered pelt damage. Without a doubt, this season has been one of my better ones with regard to the overall size and primeness of Coyotes harvested. The first half of the season i stuck with the 30 golds which produced some outstanding long distance kills, i also put to the test the new Genco 26gr VLD's which proved to be excellent killers as well as being very kind to the Fur itself. Of the 104 Coyotes put up, 4 were also taken with my 14-221 Walker using the fine 13gr Eichelberger HP's at a velocity near 4400fps. The highlight of the season for me was a particular day where i ended the day with 9 coyotes, 1 triple, 1 double, and 4 singles, all were very large heavy furred coyotes, only 1 suffered minor bullet damage, all were taken with the 26gr VLD's with the exception of 1 taken with the 30Gold. For myself, since 1980 the small calibers continue to be proven killers and the right tool for the job as a commercial Fur Hunter, and as you know i have made no secret of the fact that i believe it to be very much the case with regards to the .17 bore dia. I am also very excited and looking forward to testing the new 15 cal cartridges which Jeff Lawrence and his son Shane have been working on, it was jeffs son shane in effect who is responsible for the birth of the 15 cal, and i salute him, in fact i salute all the good many folks who have kept the small cals alive, also, the recent interview with legend Bill Eichelberger is yet another example of folks like Jim Saubier's life long commitment to the small cals!...................Blaine Eddy