Hunting and Skinning for Profit" - video review

I just watched Blaine Eddy’s new video entitled “Hunting and Skinning for Profit". This is a new video that I have added to my collection and wouldn’t be without. Fantastic video, information packed from a very experienced fur hunter. I am not experienced in skinning, or fleshing fur properly but feel that I could do an adequate job after watching this video. I have watched it twice now in the last week and really enjoy it. The video covers it all, skinning in the field or at home, the equipment used, fleshing hides, sewing damaged hides, and prepping hides for market to ensure top dollar from fur buyers. The video was produced by Blaine himself, and the handy camera work was done by his son Ian. Included in the video was Ian’s 52 pound coyote, taken this past year.

This is the second video that I have gotten this year produced by actual hunters, out there doin it. My hats off to you guys for sharing the information that he has learned over the years. If you are remotely interested in harvesting the fur from your calling trips, I highly recommend this video, it’s a keeper.

Cost is $22.95 plus $4.95 shipping/handling.
Blaine Eddy
485 Fern Dr
Clearfield, UT 84015