.17 Caliber bullet makers

The following is a list of bullet makers for us small caliber shooters. I have included other pertinent information when available like Ballistic Coefficient. If you have other information to add to this list, please e-mail me.

James Calhoon
Shambo Rt. 304
Havre, MT 59501
(406) 395-4079
Mr. Calhoon provides a wide range of bullet weights available for .17 shooters. He offers 19, 22, 25, and 28 grain bullets. I have tried all but the 25’s.

Genco Bullets
.17 Caliber offerings.
· *16 grain FB, HP, 6s ogive (drawn from .22/.705" jackets)
· 22.5 grain FB, LT, 7s ogive (J4–.460 jacket)
· 26 grain FB, HP, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
· 26 grain RBT, HP, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
· 26.7 grain LT, FB, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
· 27.5 grain LT, FB, 7s ogive (J4-.560 jacket)
· 29 grain FB, HP, VLD (J4-.635 jacket)
· 32 grain RBT, HP, 7s ogive (J4-635 jacket)
HP = Hollow Point
FB = Flat base
RBT = Rebated Boat Tail
LT = Lead Tip
* These bullets should be able to be pushed at high velocities due to the thicker jacket and light weight.

Budd Tanner’s bullets
22.5 grain flat base bullets, .17 caliber
made on Niemi dies, using J4 ½” jackets.
838 E. Cedar Wapsie Road
Waterloo, Iowa 50703

C.E. Nagel bullets
I saw an ad in Small Caliber News for Nagel bullets, and called Mr. Nagel. He bought Clint Starke’s .17 cal equipment and has been making bullets for a year now. He has been shooting .17's for 35 years, has a Mach IV, a Javelina, and a 17-222 with a P.O. ackley barrel. He is currently making 20 and 25 grain bullets. He is using Niemi made carbide dies that were Starke’s, and sounds like he is doing all of the right things. Nice to know that the equipment is going to be put to good use, and that the bullets from them dies are available to the public.
Contact information for anybody who missed the ad in SCN:
C.E. Nagel

Berger Bullets
There are many different weight bullets offered by Berger for us .17 caliber shooters. Check out the site and give them a try. My experience with them has all been positive. They offer both MEF (Maximum Expansion Factor) and Match.

Kindler Bullets
Todd Kindler makes these bullets by hand and they have been getting good reviews. I have a few boxes on order and hope to test them shortly. Todd can be reached at the Woodchuck Den, which is on my links page. He offers several bullet weights, from light to heavy. All of his bullets are boat tails and boast pretty good BC’s as far as .17 caliber bullets are concerned. I look forward to shooting these soon.

Hammett Bullets
I have recently acquired some Hammett bullets to test and will report on them soon as well. I have some loaded up for shooting in my .17 Hebee, but have yet to get a chance to shoot them in less than hurricane force winds. Hammetts are also boat tail bullets. Hammett offers a wide variety of bullet weights and the BC’s are high. I have some 19.8 grain and 22 grain bullets to test. Results will be reported on the site.

Hornady Manufacturing Company
Box 1848
Grand Island, NE 68802

Hornady has two .17 caliber offerings. Their 25 grain hollow point that has to be the most sold .17 caliber bullet in the world. Their newest offering is the 20 grain v-max which is terrific in my opinion. The BC on the V-max is .185. Hard to beat the Hornady bullets, especially if you consider the price.

D.L. Unmussig bullets

I have to say that I don’t have much information on his bullets to date and have had little luck getting any. I spoke with Mr. Unmussig on one occasion and have been expecting information on his bullets for 5 weeks now. I have since spoken with Mr. Unmussig and hope to get some information on his bullets soon. He has told me that he makes .14, .17, and .20 bullets – in any weight you could want. I will try to order some in the near future for testing.

Russ Lucas Bullets
(406) 755-8443

Russ makes .14 caliber swaged bullets. He makes these bullets in a variety of weights. I have spoken with Russ and intend to try some of his bullets for a future .14 caliber project. I have seen some mighty impressive stats on the .14’s, including the articles by Blaine Eddy in Small Caliber News. 2001.
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