Small Caliber Load Resources - updated 4/20/2001

The Sensational Seventeens by Todd Kindler. This is a must have for .17 caliber shooting enthusiasts. It contains information on the .17CCM, .17 Hornet, .17 Hebee, .17 Mach IV, .17 Javelina, .17 Remington, .17 VLR and the .17 PPC. I refer to this manual all of the time when I am loading or whatever. It is in a 3 ring binder, and I keep all of my load data in it as well as any other articles or information that I find. These can be purchased from the Woodchuck Den (see links). Todd can tell you anything that you need to know about the small calibers.

17 Caliber Shooting by Dick Saunders. Dick is an expert in the field of small caliber shooting. He has been doing it for many years and has developed a number of cartridges including one of my favorites the 17 Jet. His manual has some stories about 17 caliber shooting and then has a lot of load information on a bunch of different cartridges. This is a must have for your library if you are reading this page. Every time I talk to Dick, I learn something new about .17s. His manual lists wildcats that he developed which are probably not available anywhere else. If you are looking for an obscure .17, start here. These manuals will have to be ordered through Dick as I am unaware of any other source. His phone number is (319)927-4026. The price for his manual at this time is $18.50. His manual has data on the following calibers:

.17 Squirrel
.17 Hornet
.17 Flickertail
.17 GSG
.17 Ackley Bee
.17 Pewee
.17 Landis Woodsman
.17 Mach IV
.17 Javelina
.17/222 Rimmed
.17 Mijet
.17-40 Jet
.17-40 Jet Rimless
.17-32 Jet
.17 Remington

Small Caliber News. This is a quarterly publication tailored to the small calibers. Todd Kindler is the editor. I have every edition of this magazine and use them as a resource when loading a new caliber. This is the magazine that I look forward to the most out of all of the magazines that I get every month. I have had 1 article published in SCN thus far and am submitting more in the near future. The article that I had published in posted on the page and is titled "Its a Hebee". At last check, back copies were available.

Hornady manual. I have heard that this manual has load data for the .17 Remington and the .17 Mach IV. I cant confirm this as I dont have a copy of this manual yet.

Handbook for Reloaders & Shooters Vol 1 & 2 by P.O. Ackley. This is on the top of my list of resources to get. There is some information on the .17s in these as I am told.

Professional Loading and Reloading Data by George Leonard Herter. This book is supposed to contain .17 caliber reloading information but I havent confirmed to date.

Practical Reloading Manual by Nick Harvey. This book has reloading data for the .17 Ackley Hornet, .17 Ackley Bee, .17-222, .17 Mach IV, and the .17 Remington. I now have my copy of this book and must say that his load data is the most conservative out of any that I have seen. Seems to have some good information and Im glad that I have it.

Eichelbergers .14 caliber load manual. This information was written by Eichelberger and is available from Tom Thomas at the Outdoorsman. Tom also carries the fine Cooper, Cascade, and Kimber rifles. He has a lot of small caliber supplies and I hope to make it to his shop some day. I believe that there is a .12 caliber manual from Eichelberger as well that is available at The Outdoorsman. I have the .14 caliber manual, and suggest it to anyone who is considering a .14. It includes cartridge drawings with each cartridge and gives load data on various bullet weights for each cartridge. It also provides the velocity of each load. Bill Eichelberger is the go to guy for the .14s, .12s and .10s yes thats right I said .10 caliber. I have a couple of dummy cases for his .10 caliber cartridges and have posted pictures of them under the title of Extreme Small Calibers. The .14 caliber manual includes cartridge drawings and load data on the following cartridges.

.14 Eichelberger Long Rifle
.14 Eichelberger WRM
.14 Eichelberger Dart
.14 Eichelberger Flea
.14 Cooper (CCM)
.14 Eichelberger H&R Mag
.14 Eichelberger Carbine
.14 Squirrel
.14 Eichelberger Hornet
.14 Walker Hornet
.14 Jet Junior
.14 Eichelberger Bee
.14/.221 Eichelberger
.14/.221 Walker
.14/.222 Eichelberger
.14/.222 Eichelberger Mag.

Load Data available on the Internet. Load data for the .17 Remington Load data for the .17 Remington Load data for the .17 Remington Load data for the .17 Mach IV, .17 PPC, .17 Remington. This site also has some load data on the .20 Vartarg and the .20 Vartarg Turbo.