Varmint Safari Video

Varmint Safari by RMVH

I just recently got a video from Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunters (RMVH). The video is entitled Varmint Safari and contains some absolutely amazing hunting footage from some beautiful country. I have viewed a fair number of hunting videos, including a few varmint hunting videos and have to say that this is one of the most impressive hunting videos that I own. The amazing long range shots, the exploding varmints, and the informative aspect on locating good varmint hunting. From Jack Rabbits to Mule Deer including one of my favorite scenes where Tim shot a Mule Deer at 515 yards with a factory rifle, chambered in .30-06. Coyote calling, rock chuck shooting, and prairie dog hunting at long distances. Running shots including an amazing shot on a Coyote at a dead run. Factory sporter weight guns to full customs built to BR standards. Finally, a video that was created by varmint hunters for varmint hunters rather than video producers trying to hunt and capture it on tape. These guys are hardcore varmint hunters and their adventures are captured in this video. Thanks Dave and Tim for sharing your hunting experiences, makes me want to hit the prairie for some long range prairie dog hunting. Check out their website