2001 Maryland State IBS Score Match
     The Match was held at the Thurmont Conservation Club range located in Thurmont Maryland. The weather was cold and windy for both days of the event. Only one shooter remained clean for both days and walked away with the win for the weekend. A small portion of shooters remained clean at 100 yards on Saturday with Craig Kostyshyn winning with a 250 17x. Mark Exline won at 200 yards and won the 2 day event with a clean score of 500. Dick Grosbier will have the results from the weekend posted on his site at Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Below is a picture of Craig Kostyshyn who won the 100 yard VFS class on Saturday.

Below is Eddie Harren shooting in the Varmint Hunter class.

Above is a picture of Jim Goody who is in the running for Score Shooter of the year. I think that he asked the home-plate umpire if it was alright to blow into his hand so that he could maintain some feeling. Either way I think that it was pretty safe to say that he wasnt throwing spit balls. Jim did drive down from Maine for the event.

Above is a picture of the winner of the weekends event. The wind beat us all with the 1 exception of Mark Exline who did finish clean for the 2 days. It blew hard most of the weekend.

Above is a picture of Bill Barwick who failed to perform any of his patented point-dropping death rolls on the ground behind the benches. He did manage to finish 3rd on Saturday at 100 yards.

Above is a picture of Darrel Loker shooting 1 of his 3 guns this weekend. Yes, that is right he shot 3 out of the 4 relays. Darrel is also in contention for Score Shooter of the year.

Above is a picture of Sara Harren who won the Varmint Hunter class at 200 yards. Ken Livengood won the 2 day in the VH class.

Above is a picture of Ted Parreco with his reaction to the camera. Guess he doesnt like his picture taken. SAY CHEESE!

Above is a picture of Dave Short. Dave shot well and finished high in the standings.

One of the Hills brothers who drove down from MAINE. I believe that this is Parker Hills who won the 2 gun for the weekend.

Above is Wayne Shaw. I believe that he is shooting a hunter class gun or a varmint hunter class gun in this picture. He was one of the few competitors to challenge the 2 gun.

Above is a picture of one of the Hills brothers.

Above is a picture of the only competitor to challenge the factory class. He was shooting a factory Remington model 700 chambered in .243. He had a low power compact scope mounted and did well from the target that I watched him shoot at 200 yards.

Above is gunsmith Jeff Buchanan from Frederick Maryland just down the road. 2001.
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