Terrific Twenties

"The Terrific Twenties"

By Todd Kindler

Now available from the Woodchuck Den is the twenty caliber load manual, which is actually more than just a load manual. Various articles and stories are interwoven amongst load data. 60 pages long, including cartridge specs (reamer prints) for all of the .20 caliber cartridges covered. Very nicely assembled. A picture below shows the cover.
Now for a picture of the back of the manual shown below.

The first edition of this manual was just completed late in late may 02. The cost of the manual was $33.00. I have made a habit out of getting any load manual available for the small calibers and my collection now has manuals from Dick Saunders, Bill Eichelberger, and 2 from Todd Kindler. I have to say that this is the nicest manual that I have now. If you are remotely interested in a .20 caliber project, be sure to get this manual.